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In order to grow, farming must learn to preserve
(FAO, Save and Grow project, 2011) 

The required production will increase by 90% from a major crop exploitation and only by 10% from the expansion of cultivated areas

Both consumers and agricultural entrepreneurs are increasingly interested in the organic farming, as well as the issues of environment protection and nature conservation

World agricultural production will increase by 70% by 2050 

Organic agriculture market data are steadily increasing.
In Italy in 2018 the Organic production Industry rose by 8% compared to the previous year, a total of 3.6 billion euros (source Nomisma). 

Target Market

Organic market

In Europe in 2017 the organic market increased by 11% and reached 37.3 billion euros

UE market

The EU is the second largest organic products market in the world after the USA

Cultivated areas

In Europe cultivated areas are increasing (+1 million ha)

Organic producers 

400,000 in Europe (+ 7%) and 68,0000 in Italy

Agriculture 4.0 

The Smart AgriFood Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano estimates the global Agriculture 4.0 market equal to 7 B$ worldwide (30% in Europe)

Market value

In Italy, the market value is between 370 and 430 ME (+ 270%), thanks to over 110 producers

Largest extensions  

Spain (2.1 million ha), Italy (1.9 million ha) and France (1.7 million ha)


500 startups worldwide, a total investment of 2.9 billion dollars

Who we are looking for


We are looking for industrial partners in order to industrialize the solution, produce it on a large scale and launch it on the market


Our ideal "industrial partner" is an agricultural machinery manufacturers highly motivated to invest with us and find out use cases and new applications


Our mission is to release an advanced firmware solution to the partner, including the management and supervision software to control the eletromechanical system 


We look forward for a successful and productive partnership with complementary and well-established on the market partners

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