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The invention relates to an agricultural funicular traction system with electric propulsion.
Funicular traction plowing is known at least since the end of XIX century.  At that time, main problems of the funicular technology were related to the type of propulsion (vapor power), and to the particularly heavy weight compared with the available power and outer difficulties during displacements.  

On the basis of the above well-known problems, patent applicants have developed technical solutions permitting a positive and innovative application of funicular traction plowing technology, exploiting its positive peculiarities.

The main objectives of the invention are:


providing a technical solution that introduce electric propulsion in funicular traction plowing, in order to avoid all the previous problems (heavy weight, low power);


maintaining the feature of not degrading physical structure of ground during its working by repeated passages over the field of traditional agricultural machines (that are always more powerful, heavy and polluting);


contributing to comply with greenhouse gas emission required provided by Kyoto 2 protocol, as well as almost total reduction of noise.


Advanced prototype

The advanced prototype is the output of the SAFAP Research and Development Project in the period 2018-2019 (SAFAP: Italian Acronym for Automatic Funicular Traction System for Precision Agriculture). The project was carried out in collaboration with the partner CREA-IT, a Research Center in Monterotondo (Rome, Italy), part of the leading Italian Research Organization on Agri-food, CREA.

The project was cofunded by the European Regional Development Fund,
POR ERDF 2014/2020 Lazio Region, ‘Life 2020’ call.

The project points out that Agrivol is a valid alternative to current precision agriculture technology. 

The video shows Agrivol working on a field.

The innovative system is remote-controlled and equipped with a supervisor and safety cameras.  A remote operator starts the system, supervises and intervenes if anomalies occur. 

    Total investment : € 750.000

    Total grant: 540.000

First prototype

The first prototype was developed in collaboration with the same partner (CREA-IT).
The project was funded by Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies and carried out in the period 2012-2016.

Total investment : € 150.000
Total grant: € 100.000

Industrial Plan

A grant from the Ministry of the Economic Development («Brevetti» call) allowed to draw up documents related to the Business Plan in the period 2015-2016.

Total investment€ 100.000 
Total grant: € 79.000  

Next step

Advanced prototype

Patent application; patent granted.
The advanced prototype was developed thanks to European funds.
It shows the feasibility of using the innovative and automatic machine and its positive impact on crop cultivation, consumption reduction and soil preservation. 

Engineering the solution

Engineering the solution by solving the problems highlighted in the prototype stage.
Implementation of a robust automation solution for the electromechanical system. 

Industrialization of the solution

Identification of an "industrial partner" capable to engineer and mass-produce the electromechanical system.

Launch on the market

The business model includes the creation of a brand of agricultural products based on the use of Agrivol machine.
This stage will involve the Industrial Partner trade channels. 

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